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Born in Washington D.C., Slick was expelled from Catholic School at age 6! At age nine he and his family pakced up and headed out west for Albuquerque, NM. "Being the city boy that I was, guess who was watching for an Indian raid on the car as we drove across the country?! (I watched a lot of old movies on TV...)," admits Slick.

After Slick's mom traded his first dad for a fly-guy (he was in the Air Force), they moved to Germany. Slick spent all of his high school years in dormitories and a lot of bars and discoteques (which is why he can tell a good beer from a bad one, "Though if it's free, isn't it really all good?'" ponders Slick.)

In college Slick majored in the performing arts and got into stuff like choir, band, literature, music festival performances, and even won a few theatrical competitions. Slick also knew how to throw down when it came to sports, traveling all over Germany for sport competitions, playing as a defensive linebacker, pole vaulter, and martial artist, just to name a few.

Throughout his life, in the states and overseas, radio was always a big part of Slick's life. After contacting a Staff Sergeant who doubled as a DJ on the military radio station in Germany, Slick was invited to tour the radio station, and later offered a correspondent/reporter position on the station.

After running out of money for college, Slick began his full-time radio career.

Slick has many children, some he has yet to have met.

In his spare time Slick enjoys sipping on an assortment of icy cold adult beverages, and smoking good cigars. When asked what's in store for his future, Slick replied, "another drink... another cigar!"

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