The Houseparty
with MC Boogie D & Brett The Man
weekdays 6AM-10AM
Don't miss the hottest morning show in Tucson, as MC Boogie D and Brett The Man host The Houseparty every morning from 6AM-10AM! Hang out with a cast of crazy characters, including Marion Rosenthal with your horoscopes, Leroy and Skillet will have their special movie reviews,

and get schooled with Brett The Man's Wacky Weather Fact! Plus don't miss Rap Masterpiece Theatre, The Houseparty's crazy parody songs, and take part in The Power People Poll Question
of the Day

About MC Boogie D: full bio coming soon!

About Brett The Man: Brett came to Tucson in 1989 from Philly to attend the U of A to get his

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edjumication, majoring in Media Arts with a major in Theatre Arts. While in college, Brett interned at Q-102 (WIOQ-FM) in Philly in the summer of 1992, where he got his "official" start in radio. After that, Brett came back to
school for the fall semester and by December of 1992, had another
internship at Power 1490 being the slave child to Program Director Bruce St. James. Brett spent 4 months sitting in on Bruce's afternoon drive show and helping a then "low on the totem pole" MC Boogie D put music tapes away. In the spring of 93, he was promoted to "guy who rides around in the van on Saturday Night Party Patrol," and by that he fall, Brett was given
the opportunity to be a part of the morning show with MC Boogie D. The rest is history!

In his spare time Brett enjoys casino gambling, especially blackjack. He likes dance music too--the kind they play in the gay bars, though Brett insists he's never been to one of those bars! He also like standards, from people like Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow, and The Captian and Tenielle, who says "They're chessy, but they jam!" Brett's favorite food are Philly Cheese steaks! "That's gooood eatin!" exclaims Brett!